An Introduction to Psychic Development

by Gary Fisler

   In the following articles I will be presenting a group of exercises that will progressively enhance your perceptions of the unseen world.  Each exercise has a purpose and together they form the basis for pursuing a number of skills such as scrying, channeling, and even astral projection. 

     You must practice these exercises on a daily basis.  The subconscious has to be convinced that it should let you see things that it has been trained to screen out.  This takes repetition.  We have been instructed from an early age that the world that we see around us is all that there is.  Even if you consciously believe in something does not necessarily mean that your subconscious will treat it as true.

     The Inner Sanctum exercise is a personally guided meditation that will allow you to connect to your subconscious.  It will also train your mind to ignore the extraneous thoughts that pop into your mind and allow you to seek answers directly from the subconscious.  The beginning of the meditation will also help convince the subconscious that you expect the astral body to separate from the physical.

     The Tower of Light exercise is to open and balance the chakras.  This will allow you to tap into the energy that you need to raise your consciousness and observe the goings on in the astral plane.

     The Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique is a cornerstone of inducing altered states of consciousness.  Performed correctly, all sensation of the physical body will disappear.  I usually use hypnosis (self hypnosis or taped) at this point to further deepen the altered state.

     I can not emphasize the importance of performing these exercises on a daily basis.  A deep sense of dedication is needed to keep up the training until you see tangible results.  Some people will see results right away.  Others may take months or years, but the results will come.  Do not get discouraged!  The Tower of Light should be performed at least once a day but no more than twice daily.  The Inner Sanctum should be repeated whenever you have 15 minutes or more to spare.  This exercise, more than any other, is the key to contacting the subconscious.

     The Progressive Muscle Relaxation should be performed before any attempt at astral projection.  It is also helpful in other areas that require a deep altered state.

     It is now time to get started.  Good Luck in your spiritual quest.


copyright G. Fisler 2000