by G.W. Fisler

     The first step in scrying is to pick out the medium that you wish to scry with.  There are many choices.  They range from the simplest (a clear glass filled with water) to the expensive (a large, clear crystal sphere).  There are many variations in between. 

     You may have read other articles on scrying either on the net or in a book.  Let me state that all of these writings are wrong, or at least partially. wrong.   Every article that I have read states the author's preferences.  In other words they champion what worked for the author.  You may, and probably, are different.  I can not over-emphasize that you should do what feels right for you.  We are all individuals who have a different psychological makeup.

     The following is a short list of what I have read:

  • You must use an absolutely clear crystal
  • You should use a crystal with inclusions (defects)
  • lead crystal will not work
  • lead crystal is the only reliable medium
  • The crystal sphere should be 2" in diameter
  • the crystal sphere should be at least 3" to 4" in diameter
  • stare at the crystal without blinking
  • do not focus on the crystal, but look "past" the crystal. Blinking is all right
This list of contradictions could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.  You need to get what feels right to you.  I personally prefer the scrying mirror for several reasons,  the first being cost.  If you do not want to make your own please e-mail me to discuss a custom made scrying mirror.   This does not mean that I would not or could not use another medium.  It is just that the black faced scrying mirror is what I feel most comfortable with.  The following is a list of mediums that have been used.  There are more possible variation than I have listed here:
  • Crystal sphere
  • Crystal skull (carved)
  • Mirror (could be a black mirror or a silver mirror)
  • Glass of water
  • Bowl of water colored with ink
  • Candle flame
  • Coals of a fire
  • fire smoke
  • Pool of water
  • Fog or mist over water
     Various disciplines mandate a consecration ritual before using the scrying medium.  On a purely psychological standpoint this makes sense.  The subconscious mind must be convinced what you want it to accomplish.  This may be accomplished through ritual or meditation.  Polishing the crystal or mirror while thinking about what you want to accomplish will be enough. 

     Anything that will induce a state of altered awareness should be done.  For beginners dim lighting is a must.  Incense may be burned and/or meditation music may be played.  Do what feels right for you.  A side note is that in past centuries incense played a more important role in inducing altered states than in the present time.  The reason for this is that the incense was inhaled.  This decreased the amount of oxygen in the blood stream.  The brain will enter an altered state during periods of oxygen deprivation.  I do not recommend this procedure due to possible health risks.  It is only mentioned as an historical note.

     The actual procedure for scrying is simple and straightforward:

  • Get the room ready - dim lighting, incense, music, etc. that you want
  • Place the scrying medium on a table at a convenient level
  • A dim light (candle or?) should be behind the viewer.  To start out this should be the only light in the room.
  • Perform the progressive muscle relaxation exercise
  • Look at the mirror (or crystal) in a relaxed manner, focusing about 5"  past the surface of the mirror (this may or may not work for you so try other methods)
  • You will blink but do not be too concerned about it
  • Keep your mind blank except if you have a specific question to ask
  • Do not scry for over 20 minutes at first
     The images may appear in different manners.  They may just appear or they may be preceded by a "cloud of mist" forming first.  The mist could dissipate or morph into the images.   The images could be symbols of the subconscious or may be actual pictures of events, past, present or future.  As an example of each person being different,  the first visual impression that I receive looks like flying insects rotating on the reflective surface of the mirror.

     This is the basics.  Your success at scrying may take days, weeks or months to accomplish.  You may be successful the first time that you try.  Practice will make perfect, so keep on trying if you do not succeed at first.  If your feel that you are at a dead end, try something different.   It may help.  Keep practicing.   Remember that nothing worthwhile in life is easy.  Happy visions!

copyright G.W.  Fisler June 2000